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A Note of Gratitude

This past month United People in Christ celebrated its 7 1h birthday, and I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who donated their time, talent and money to help me helping our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East, without their help and support we could have not done what we did, and it is with deep gratitude and love that I acknowledge these people.

Hanna Layous, Marcel Layous and Amer Biter, who through the years donated all the food for our picnics, Vera and George Layous who helped with our picnics and garage sales, Aboud Mnayarji, who always donated our drinks and wine baskets. Khalil Maalouf, who donated his talent and beautiful voice singing at our picnics and dinners, the Arabic band of Orlando under the directorship of Joe Ghannoum, Chela Jacobs and her Flamingo dancers who thrilled us with their dance and beauty during our banquets, Olga Shearer, who donated her house and garage for many years for our garage sale events, William Erdman, who continues to manage and take care of our web site at no charge. Edie Powell, who donated many items through the years for our activities, my Board members, past and present, Bassarn Mnayarji, Joe Mitri, Dr. Mikel Tuten, Richard Brooks, Jacquie Little, Christine Ferran, Brad Sargent, Marsha Childs, and Olga Shearer . Dr. Andrew Scoma and Dr. Maha Zikra who donated a lot of medical samples that I took with me overseas to the needy, Mercy James and Tony Estephan, who donated many items for our auction and door prizes, Cherbel Saab of the Cedar Restaurant, Bassarn Georgi and Joseph Georgi, my office manager Janet Williamson, who did most, if not all of the newsletter and brochures through the years and last but not least, to all the individuals who donated and continue to donate to U.P.I.C.

I am sure that there are some individuals that I forgot to thank and if I did, I do apologize, but Thank You from the bottom of my heart to all these individuals who helped me and continue to help our cause.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!!

Amid Habib, M.D.