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Everything we have came from the Lord; therefore, we can only give what is His (I Chronicles 29:14)

UPIC accepts online donations using PayPal's Secure Website.


Donate to United People in Christ by mail

Everything you have has come from the Lord, and you can only give what is His. God is love and God is the giver. If you want to be a great lover, you have to learn to be a great to learn to be a great giver, because love and giving go together. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. Giving pulls us closer to God, breaks the grip of materialism, strengthens our faith, blesses us and makes us happy coming from Christís mouth that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Giving also is an investment in eternity.

Please send your generous donation by personal check, cashierís check or money order (no cash please) payable to United People in Christ, Inc. to our mailing address:

United People in Christ, Inc.
P. O. Box 162601
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-2601


God bless you!



  • Join our board which meets once a month

  • Tell your friends and relatives about UPIC

  • Volunteer to help with computer and internet services

  • Send monthly donations, even as little as $.50 or $1 per day

  • Teach your children to collect their change in a piggy bank to bring to our fund raisers.

  • Donate your old clothing, furniture and medical equipment to UPIC. Check with Dr. Habib's office for drop locations

  • Donate gifts, gift certificates and other items to be used at our fund raisers

  • Check if you have a relative or friend who might be interested in starting a UPIC branch in another city or state

  • Write your name, address, telephone and e-mail address if you are not receiving our newsletter. Please let us know if your address changes

  • If you have any suggestions, advice or criticism, please let us know

  • All board members are volunteers, they do not receive any salary or compensation

  • Your donations are tax deductible

For any questions or inquires please contact Dr. Habib at (321) 356-6247.