Map & Statistics

In the same way, we are many people. But we are one body because we are all joined together in Christ. Each one of us is a part of all the others.” (Romans 12:5)

Many westerners are unaware of how difficult daily life can be for Christian families in the Middle East. It is an environment that does not embrace Christianity; and as thus, Christian populations are decreasing.





Egypt 69,536,644 4,200,000 6%
Sudan 36,080,373 1,800,000 5%
Syria 16,728,808 1,700,000 10%
Lebanon 3,627,774 1,100,000 30%
Iraq* 23,331,985 700,000 3%
Jordan** 5,153,378 310,000 6%
Palestine 2,090,713 167,000 8%
Israel 5,938,093 118,000 2%

In compliance to US laws and regulations, UPIC does not fund any organizations in countries with US sanctions in place.

*Since the War in Iraq as many as 800,000 Christians have been executed, have disappeared or been forced to flee to other countries. As of Christmas 2008 less than 100,000 Christians are known for a fact to still reside in Iraq. (See our Dec 2008 newsletter)

**The Christian population in Jordan has increased dramatically in recent years due to the number of Iraqi Christian refugees. Figures based in part on 2008 statistics from CIA World Factbook &